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Who are the Seventh Day Adventists?
Facts on the organisation
The Seventh Day Adventists Church (SDA), the members of which are often only called as the Adventists, is a world wide organized christian Church which fully relies on the bible.

The Church in Kempten which was founded in 1921 is part of this world wide movement. Concerning to the structure the Adventists in Kempten are part of the South Bavarian Union (German only) of the SDA which has its head quarter in Munich.

The only basis for their faith is the bible, the word of God, which consists on both the Old and the New Testament. As the Adventist try to obey strictly to the message of the bible there are a number of consequences which are obvious in the theology but not less in the everyday's lifes of the Adventists.

You will find more details of the Seventh Day Adventists' confession under
(link to the official website of the Euro-Africa division of the Seventh Day Adventists' church).

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